Cheerleaders Double Group-sex Feeble Football Player In The Locker Room

Shaun is getting his uniform on for football practice when three walk in. They are hoping he will ask their to the dance but he tells them there’s no chance this dude is taking that ugly witch anywhere. The angels are livid at him calling their friend unattractive and they give a decision to educate him a lesson. They pounce on him and disrobe him, holding him down whilst they grab their . The receive him on all fours and begin pushing their rubber dongs up his bum, telling him that not only will this man take Sarah to the dance but he will allow her to violate his if she craves to. They take turns violating him up the arse, drubbing him and spit roasting him like their little chap slut. They flip him onto his back and continue using his and as their fuck holes. has always fancied some dong cock and shoves his knob in her mouth so that babe can give it a full on suck. Even though this is being drilled like a gal, this pushes him beyond control and this dude explodes everywhere!

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