Ballsy Rockstar Receives Violated And Jerked By Two Angels

Flash is in the art gallery to purchase a painting for his fresh mansion. When pretty Gallery assistant Linda realizes who that man is she’s star-struck and so when he arrogantly asks to watch her breasts that babe shows him. Gallery owner Ellen then walks in and is very unhappy at what is going on and orders without the gallery but as this chab goes to leave he pushes over a painting in anger and breaks it. Ellen is even more furious now and hauls him back in to teach him a lesson. The wrestle him to the ground and start tearing his garments off. They acquire him onto all fours and whack his ass telling him this chab isn’t such a large man now. Then Linda fetches some and as Julian pleads for ’em to stop, they poke the up his rectal hole! Ellen sits on his face to keep him quiet as Linda copulates his with the . Then she reaches below and his until she makes him spunk all over the floor. The gals cry with laughter at this large rock star getting pumped in the arse like a girl and send him without the gallery pleasured they have brought him down a diminutive in number notches.

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