Poor Guy Is Spit-Roasted Like A Pig By 3 Laughing Ladies

We did warn u lads not to void urine off our women but some of u are too thick to take note. Oh well, it’s your funeral . . one time our honeys acquire hold of u and rip you a recent darksome hole you will of course remember your anniversary next year won’t you slut?! Get inside to see how our humiliated other male bitches at Angels Abase Boys.

Brian has forgotten his anniversary and his girlfriend is exceedingly annoyed. When this chab walks in 2 days later and presents her a dong as a peace offering and then says that fellow thought she might wish to use it with one of her charming , that babe gets even more annoyed. The hotties him naked and power him onto all fours. They all have a go to spank his bum and tell him how they are planning to make him their little chap slut for not remembering the anniversary. The defenceless fellow is pinned down while his fiancee pounds him from behind, laughing as this babe mounts him up the rectal hole. The other babes power into his mouth and and engulf his penis. After spitroasting him like a pig, the cuties flip him onto his back and change places so the friends can abuse his as well. Brian is begging for them to stop but the honeys ignore him and tell him to masturbate his dick or they will taste him even harder. Moments later this chab cums all over himself and his position as the girls’ doxy is sealed.

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