Travelling Sales Lad Is Naked And Violated By Two Women

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is at her ally ’s abode. says that she has this who comes round each day pestering her and won’t take no for an answer. As they are chatting there’s a knock on the door but Olivia tells her to leave it to her to handle him. The salesman asks Olivia if Natalie is at home and that babe lets him in. As they talk, it’s very obvious that this fellow fancies Natalie and Olivia comes straight to the point and asks him if this chab wants to have fuck her. That guy is taken aback but admits that man fancies her so Olivia tells him that if he takes all his clothing off they will see if his physique looks priceless and maybe have sex with him. He strips as fast as this chap can but the gals then adapt the rules and tell him to train him a lesson not to annoy in their homes, they are plan to abuse him. They bend him over and acquire their sex-aids out. The salesman tries to stop ’em but this chap pretty soon has a large being pushed firmly up his wazoo and his throat filled with another. The two honeys laugh as they violate him in various different positions with their . Olivia begins as Natalie carries on abusing him. This guy says this dude isn’t enjoying it but as the carry on shagging him that dude starts cumming on his own stomach.

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