2 Babes Violate Boy’s Wazoo And Milk Him Dry

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Two ladies have invited a cookery teacher round ‘coz they must bake a cake for an important party the next day. That man starts making the cake and puts in a peculiar ingredient but when the ladies smack it the food is appalling. The trainer looks at his extra ingredient and realizes this chab has added the wrong thing in but the ladies are very angry now. They believe this chab tried to poison their guests and are intend to teach him a lesson. fetches their and the 2 ladies strip him naked ignoring his . They shove him over the and take turns to fuck him up the booty with their . He cries out for mercy but the angels laugh and just pound him harder. They get him on the ground and shag his in the spoon position. Eventually they flip him onto his back and Winnie fucks his gazoo while his wang. This chab has got indeed hard and is clearly getting off on it as this fellow in a short time cums all over ’s hands and his own belly!

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