Wife Abuses And Strokes Her Fellow For Hiring A Stripper

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Lou’s boyfriend has invited a stripper round to entertain him while she’s away but when this returns home early and catches him he’s in real trouble! She’s very annoyed and tells him that there have to be “No greater quantity !” To chastise him she tells him to do a for her and the stripper and then one time he is completetly naked the 2 ladies start slapping his bum.

To complete his castigation Layla Lou holds him down during the time that that babe tells the stripper to fuck him up the with her ding-dong. The stripper finds it quite thrilling and does as this babe is said and fucks his bum hard. Layla Lou then has a go on her boyfriend’s and as the ladies jerk off his 10- that all over the place with the ding-dong still thrusting into his wazoo!

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